How To Take Close-up Photos – Using Macro Focus, Aperture Size

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How Close Do You Want Me To Get When I Take That Picture?

A friend of mine just loves my pictures of flowers. She always wants to know how I get such wonderful pictures with such amazing detail. My secret, besides taking about 100 shots before I get the right one, is macro focus. This wonderful and versatile tool, which is on most digital cameras sold now (the symbol looks like a flower), is perfect for detail when you want to get up close – REALLY CLOSE. In fact, many cameras being made now can take pictures at about an inch away, something the average traditional camera can’t do. All you need to know are some simple rules and techniques.

1) Turn Off Your Flash

First of all, don’t use flash. The first time you try shooting close and forget to turn your flash off, your
subject will look like a big, white, shiny blob. Children might be fascinated by the ghost you took a picture of, but you probably won’t be. Occasionally, if you happen to have the right angle and are slightly farther away, you may be able to get a good picture with a flash but it’s better to have good natural lighting.

Pink Flower With Flash On

pink flower with flash off - natural light

The picture on the left was taken with a flash, while the picture on the right was taken using natural lighting. (click on images for high resolution photos)

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Digital Photo Printing for Small Businesses

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Printing services are a key element for business organizations to communicate and advertise their products and services to customers. If you’re a small business owner, you can save time and money by using your best digital photos in the printing of brochures, postcards, business cards, flyers, catalogs, and more.

Personally, I prefer using online printers for my business cards (using PS Print these days). When a freelancer or small business chooses an online printer, they typically offer a convenient way to view the final output before being actually printed. Beyond business cards, even the smallest of businesses with tight budgets have the opportunity to create quality marketing materials. Digital printing offers you more flexibility in the size of your order, reducing both waste and cost. Also, the actual process of digital printing doesn’t involve as many steps as other printing processes or technologies, so less time is needed in producing your prints and the turnaround time is quicker.

As an aside, if you have taken an awe-inspiring photo, you can also use these services to create a small-batch run of posters or postcards. This could be a great way to decorate your home or office. Or hey, maybe you can even try your hand at selling them on

MyGreatWorld: Mapping the Globe with Photos

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I’ve recently come across, an interesting photo community where members can document locations around globe with their images.  This is a perfect resource for travelers and digital photographers who want share their experiences, or browse new places beyond the travel guide photos.  Catch a glimpse of what’s waiting for you on your hike in O’ahu, show the world your great photograph of villagers in Myanmar, or just see the world as others are viewing it.

MyGreatWorld’s membership is always free, and allows you to share and browse photos of a specific point of interest, categorized by location (city, state, country), time period, subject, and more.  You can also rate the quality of the photos, and add comments to each in a blog-style comment section.

As an avid traveler, I’ll be making my first stop in this travel community for finding new, beautiful places to add to my journeys.

How To Set White Balance – Perfecting Color In Your Photos

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White Balance
I used to always have the same problem. I’d set up the perfect shot, the right framing, the right subject, the right everything. I’d take the shot, then review it to find that the colors looked dull, washed out, or just plain wrong. I had the same problem many people do, I needed to adjust my white balance.

In this article, I’ll teach you how to ensure the correct white balance when taking pictures.
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